I wonder who really won E3 2015?

Disclaimer this is Efocutioner point of view on E3

I have been hearing from people and reading on Polygon, Destructoid, IGN, Gamescoop, and Kotaku(yeah I know don’t judge me) who won E3? I figured I give my two cents on what I feel on the subject. I didn’t know that E3 was a WrestleMania event where Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Bethesda, EA, Square Enix, and Ubisoft was a last man standing match. If it were then I think the match is still going on. I felt like this E3 2015 felt like last years E3 where we are given a lot of promises and a few guarantees. Now there are those who could say Microsoft won because of backwards compatibility, but wasn’t this the same company that felt like going backwards is pointless for gamers, Sony for its VR and Last Guardian trailer, or Nintendo for only announcing there first party games. I felt as though no one won yet because for the games that will come out this year they are either going to be in last gen graphics with a lot of game play (Fallout 4) or have amazing graphics but have a shit ton of problems coming out the gate and then a patch coming later in the week of its release. Yes this is an insult at Arkham Knight but I still want the game. I’m just waiting until everything is in order before I buy the game. Now this doesn’t apply to Nintendo to much since they’re one of the companies who actually had playable demos of the games, but as we know Nintendo is more of a get together console. You know when you and your friends get together and hangout. When you guys are together you can all play, relax, talk to one another, goof around, and have an adventure that you will always cherish for a weekend and then call it a night. This E3 has gotten me anxious to play certain games but not for just one console.

If you ask me it shouldn’t be who won E3 I say no one, but if it were are you excited to play our games then the answer would be yes! Just make sure its coming out and make sure it works.

Episode 4 is 75% done!

Well at this point I am just reviewing the episode and cleaning it to the best of my abilities, but I have to say episode 4 maybe my best work yet. When I am finish be sure to check either itunes, soundcloud, The Chronicles of Gamers on facebook, cogpodcast on twitter.com, or just click on the link here on the website. Anyways back to work but in the mean time please enjoy me and Gamer Composer’s Star Wars Battlefront trailers….


Efocutioner Chronicles E3 2015 Saga Day 2

I was super excited as I came back on to the convention floor today because I knew I would be able to check out these new games. When I arrived on the floor the first game me and Gamer Composer decided to try was Star Fox Zero.

Star Fox Zero seems to be like a basic first / third person shooter. To me its basically like playing the old Star Fox 64 games which I tried a while ago but its mixed transformers. I only say the transformers part due to the vehicle turning into a land base vehicle. I dont feel like that function should be part of the game but just to be fair I didn’t like that function. The next game I tried was Street Fighter 5 but didnt really get to dive into it so I will try tomorrow. I also tried the new Skullgirls 2nd Encore which included where I got to try Robo-Fortune and she is going to be a beast!

Then I also manage to get to try a few of the Oculus games but since the lines were long I couldn’t get that much information on the game I played, and last but not least I got to try Afro Samurai 2. The game seems like your average hack and slash but I couldn’t do too much since the lines were long but in my defensive this was the shortest line at E3 so that says a lot. I manage to see Square Enix conference and saw Kingdom Hearts 3 but as much as I shocked at the keyblade transformations and Unity attacks I was still upset because all I got was “Its in development”. I wanted an actual release date or at lease a percentage on how much is done but I think the trailer can satisfy me for a little while.

Not much too cover on day 2 except that there are so many games too play and so little time. I am hoping that there won’t be much people today. I also recorded a myself playing a few of these games and I will go into more detail in episode 4 but so far E3 has not disappointed.