One more day until the raffle

Hello there folks…. For those of you who just recently joined we have a free raffle for those who either join the facebook page, The Chronicles of Gamers twitter, or the youtube channel. One more day for chance to win. In the mean time Gamer Complainers have a new video up:


Be sure to check out their youtube channel when you get the chance.

Episode Six is here folks!

The wait is over!!

On today’s episode we talk to one the funniest people I met Tricia Minty. We find out what made her decided to become a video game composer. We also talk about bad video games we ever tried, what the video game industry needs to stop doing, and play a new game on the podcast.

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Do you have what it takes to win!

We at The Chronicles of Gamers have been glad at the amount of support and fans that have came out of know where, and to show how much we appreciate you guys we decided to do a giveaway! Their will be a prize for liking the joining either the Facebook Page, the twitter account, or subscribing to the Youtube channel. The drawings will start on August 1st. By joining one you get one entry and all three gives you three entries, so in essence you could win three times.

The prize for the August1st drawing for is: IMG_20150409_120856









Episode 6 is 80% done

Sorry for the delay but I have great news I’m almost done with episode 6, and it sounds amazing! I just need to triple check my work before posting but in the mean time check out Gamer Complainer new youtube channel called Gamer Complainers. Where Gamer Complainer along with Gamer Composer keep it real when it comes to gaming through complaining. Here’s their latest video:

 Enjoy folks and I will keep you updated on episode 6, more fallout new vegas gameplay,and Gamer Complainer reviews!