Bleszinski’s new game???

Cliff Bleszinski the creator of Gears of War 1 through 3 has return after announcing his departure from Epic Games in 2012. has a mini-website called The Shattering which seems to be mini-revelas on an and coming new game from Bleszinski. No one knows the name but has been putting out mini-reveals of the trailer coming out this Wednesday on 08/26/2015.

Here’s the first reveal :

From what you can see it looks like a futuristic feudal Japan. I know that’s an oxymoron but after watching tell me a better way to describe it. No seriously if you can find a better way to describe this mini-trailer please let me know.

Here’s the second reveal :

Now its obvious something big happened but the question is what? Well if you want to find out when the official trailer that explains just what in Carmen Sandiego is happening in this game go to:

I know that I’ll be using my data plan when I’m act work just to see what Cliffy B has planned. Well I’m just glad to seem him return none the less but I’m thinking guns that transform into swords and samurai fights? I can’t wait until 08/26/2015 at 12pm Eastern time.–307611.phtml [Destructoid]

Youtube page has a new design

Those of you who have been to the youtube page are wondering where did the scroll go. Well don’t worry since it couldn’t fit as the banner we decided to do a small change to the logo. No worries it’s still part of The Chronicles of Gamers but the new logo could lead to something more….

The picture was made by harveydentmd. He actually made the original logo for the website and t-shirts. He’s an amazing pixel artist and great to work with. He’ll make sure you’re satisfy with his care before he departs (see what I did there). If you’re looking for excellent pixel art without breaking the bank harveydentmd is your guy. Here’s his website:

Keep up the good work Square Enix

So of course as most of you know Big Hero 6 will be in Kingdom Hearts 3 and Baymax’s old body (whom I’ll call Heartless Baymax) that was left behind from the movie will become a heartless in the game. I’m actually interested to know who turned or who thought of the idea of turning Baymax body into a heartless. Also since we see Sora riding the Baymax Hero made after returning from that other dimension. I wonder what combination attacks will you be able to do with Baymax and what type of keyblade will you received after completing that world.

I think Heartless Baymax’s might Maleficent puppet, and maybe the keyblade you get might be a puffy cloud type keyblade that gives you regen based on the damage you deal out from attacking opponents. I don’t know all I know is I’m super excited but it would of been nice to received a release date or news on how much they’ve completed but for right now I like what I’m hearing from D23.