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So like I said from episode 11 The Chronicles of Gamers is now on Stitcher. Now when you’re listening to podcast why not rate our show in order for others to be able listen to our podcast. Also share with your friends as well. Let them know that we’re here to entertain you all with our love for video games. Anyways here’s the link and thank you guys for all the support. Seriously this takes work and having you guys listening and showing support means alot to me Efocutioner, Gamer Composer, and Gamer Complainer.


Episode 11 IndieCade edition is ready!!!!

Hello everyone. Episode ready is done and ready to be played. This episode contains some interviews that Gamer Composer and Gamer Complainer acquired at IndieCade last weekend. They manage to record some inspiring interviews from Thomas Happ the creator of Axiom Verge, Dan Adelman developer of the up and coming game Chasm, and Logan Gilmour from Thirty Three who will be talking about there up and coming run and gun shooter Run Gun Jump Gun. You can learn what type of mindset you need to be a developer or you can look forward to some new games coming down the pipeline. Anyways guys enjoy!!!

What should watch

It’s Wenesday and half the week is over. Are you wondering what you could watch? Are you looking for something funny? Are you curious about what kids back in the day use to play? Well Gamer Complainer and Gamer Composer can scratch that itch with its new video. Why not check it out:

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