Understanding Efocutioner

Hi there fellow gamers. It’s me Efocutioner and  today I got hit with a question that made me really think about our growing relationship between us and you my fellow listeners. I’ll keep the person name anonymous but you know who are and thanks. The question was why does it take me so long to make podcast episodes? Well I have been busy trying to balance school, work, and this podcast but that isn’t just the only reason.

The reason why it takes so long is well I tend to worry that the episode may not be good enough for you guys, so I tend to sit there listening and wondering what would I like to hear, or what music would I like to enjoy but that you the listeners could understand and relate too. Then I would also question myself by saying would people even like my taste in music, would people understand the jokes I put in, or why I put that certain sound effect? Then I think to myself how can I make Gamer Complainer and Gamer Composer sound better, like how can I bring out their funny side, or serious side. Then when we make certain jokes or if I hear keywords that I’ve heard I try to relate them to things I’ve been listening to on a CD, a song I heard on the radio, or a game I’ve played, I try to fit that into the topic that we’re discussing.

Sometimes I may feel like you guys may not understand my taste or even like my choices, but I also think to myself that this podcast is a reflection of myself. I like to combine Hip-Hop, R&B, some pop, movies, anime, tv shows, heck even some J or K pop into the mix. I feel as though video games has intertwine itself within these that I enjoy, so I want to share that with you the listeners. Like for any victories that we accomplish I hear Sonic the hedgehog victory theme. Now if its a huge accomplishment then I like to use the Final Fantasy X-2 Victory Fanfare, because out of all the Victory Fanfare from the Final Fantasy series I just love that the most. (Also I enjoy the fact that Rikku does a small dance during the start of the music. If you can play Final Fantasy X-2 and make sure Rikku is wearing her Berserker outfit)

Anyways because I tend to second…. well ninth guessing myself I tend to lose track of time, so I end up pushing the episode back. I’m not use to expressing myself so openly and to be honest not that many people seem to like me when I’m so open. The only person I can truly be myself and not face any judgement or ridicule is Gamer Composer but I’m hoping that will change with you guys and gals. One of the reason why I continue to make these episodes is well I just want to show people who I am, and I want other people to come and express themselves on the show just like we’re all doing. Even though this is a video game podcast its not uncommon to discuss other topics. That’s to be expected when you’re getting to really know somebody, and believe me the more you keep listening the more you’ll to start to know me, Gamer Composer, and Gamer Complainer. I do apologize for the delays on episodes, but I’m really not use to opening up and talking about myself to other people. The times I do I tend to get called Oreo, Nerd, Lame, hell I’ve even ended a relationship because I got comfortable opening up and she took the things I love as a joke or childish. That experience kind of made me closed hearted, and because of that I tend to keep things to myself.

With you guys I’ll open up a little more during episodes and I’ll go back to writing more on the website. Although please excuse my grammar but I’m willing to work outside my comfort zone for you all, and trust me writing is waaaayyy outside my comfortable zone. Anyways right now I’m studying for finals and I’ve took more hours at work due to the fact that I want to make my own desktop for streaming, so I won’t be as fast uploading content as I was during the summer but it’ll be up. Don’t worry though I haven’t been in the dark within the video game world like how Afro Samurai 2 is getting pulled from shelves or Mark Cuban saying League of Legends is a real sport. I’ll have some things to say especially with Mark Cuban telling Colin Cowherd that League of Legends is a sport.

Alright thanks and I hope you guys can now understand what goes through my thought process. Anyways Later….

Videos, Videos, and more Videos!!!

I know that it’s been a while but I have some things I would like to post up now that I have some free time from studying. I have the two interviews with Thomas Happ and Dan Adelman from Indie Cade 2015. Lets give a special thanks to Gamer Composer and Gamer Complainer doing the interviews folks, and I have my review of playing Tomb Raider. Overall I would say that playing Crystal Dynamics version of Lara Croft makes me want to go back and play the old Tomb Raider games that are on the Playstation 1 and 2. Anyways guys enjoy and episode 12 is nearly done. Just going through the final edits.

Here’s the Dan Adelman Interview:

Here’s the Thomas Happ Interview:

Here’s my review of Tomb Raider: