Bioshock Infinite… Is it worth playing?

What up players!!!! Now I bet you’re wondering… Bioshock Infinite is this game worth playing or for those who have played is it worth playing again? Now I myself would say yes because I truly believe it’s worth playing but why is it worth playing. Well lets see…

Controls –  The camera controls, running, and jumping in Infinite are on point of a first person shooter. I mean to be honest I felt like the controls were the same as playing Halo 3 or Halo Reach.

Gameplay – As in controls when you get into a shoot out it feels like you’re playing Halo or Call of Duty. In fact I have gotten so into getting headshots with the sniper or a Vox pistol that you forget that you have vigors that you can use. You also forget that you can use the rails to your advantage when facing multiple opponents. At first it might be a little confusing to using vigors and guns but you’ll learn fast and it’ll be rewarding.

Exploration – Columbia does look huge inside that rocket but you will be guide around but you do have side missions that you can do which can make you either richer or stronger. You can still explore the inside of certain shops and houses but it’s not open world. Then again no Bioshock game has been open world.

Accolade – You have quite a few trophies or achievements you can be proud of like the Mind Over Matter trophy/achievement (Killed 20 enemies using Possessed machines) , Bon Voyage trophy/achievement (Killed 20 enemies by knocking them off Columbia) , or the achievement I’m going to go for next which is Auld Lang Syne (Completing 1999 mode)

Story – I have to say that if you enjoy a game with out of the box narrative then you’ve come to the right game. I don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t played but I will say that to get the whole or best explanation of the story you’ll need to collect all the Voxophone. I promise you once you collect all the Voxophone and continue playing you will definitely be hit with that combination shock towards the end “see what I did their”.

Now if you like at least two out of the 5 explanations I’ve gave then I would say check the game out on YouTube. If you like at least 3 or more then for those who have their xbox 360, ps3, or have a pc “Buy this game NOW!!!” If you have a PS4 or Xbox One then for Playstation users get Playstation Now for a month and play Infinite or Xbox One users go to Gamestop and buy the game for 360 because I guarantee it will be backwards comparable.

If you want to hear about my experience then tada:

New Year and New Episode!!!

Good morning fellow gamers. I know I’m off by a day but it was worth it because episode 15 is ready! I hope everyone had an amazing new year. I know I did. Well it’s time for us to come back and talk about some video games!!! On today’s episode we talk about games we played during our time off, what games we’re looking forward to playing, why in the world are people still purchasing games when they’re half done, and if Star Wars Battlefront was worth playing.

Anyways here’s episode 15: 

Episode 15 90% complete but here’s something while you wait…

Good morning fellow gamers. I know I’ve been a little quite lately but that’s because I’ve been working on episode 15 but not just that I also worked on a few videos on why you should like Final Fantasy XIII. Well here’s my videos I am going to showcase the whole game and provide some insights and comedy (the best I can in this department) into why you should like Final Fantasy XIII.

Here’s the playlist:

Here’s episode one: