Welcome back because here’s Episode 20

On today’s episode Gamer Composer talks his experience in GDC, we learn about some new indie games like Omen of Sorrow, We Are Chicago, and Charge Shot in Indie Radar, we talk about some games we played in Treasure Hunt, talk about some video games soundtracks we’re listening to in Sound Test, and talk about some of our video game experience in True Story. Also in Sound Test I mixed up the sound track I meant to say in Final Fantasy 13-2. I meant to say Future instead of Wish, so my fault with that.

I hope you enjoy guys!!!

Here’s some links on what we’re talk about just in case you’re interested.

Show Notes:

It’s All About the Hype:

  1. GDC 2016
  2. itch.io
  3. Blacks in Gaming
  4. Extreme Pizza
  5. IGF Awards

Indie Radar:

  1. Severed by Drink Box Studios
  2. Charge Shot
  3. Manifold Garden
  4. We Are Chicago
  5. Omen of Sorrow

Sound Test:


True Story:

The Chronicles of Gamers at C2E2

Yes that’s exactly what the title says. While I have Gamer Composer at GDC (surprise for episode 21) I Efocutioner will be at C2E2 and I will be just interviewing fellow gamers to see what games do you enjoy for fun, what got you to pick up the controller, which game ever made you cry (mines was Aerith dying and Tidus leaving Yuna), what’s the longest you’ve ever played (12 hours for myself), and what’s your greatest moment you’ve accomplish or did when playing a video game.


Now if you’re interested in being interview just come to me when I walk the floor on Friday and Saturday. I’ll be wearing The Chronicles of Gamers T-Shirt and a scouter (so that I can detect the energy of fellow gamers… lol). I will also send a tweet on Efocutioner twitter account Also if you do come to me and mention this post then I have a special prize for those who are PS Vita owners. Well in the meantime I better get ready but don’t worry episode 20 will be this Sunday and I may have something special so stay tune.

I’m the guy in the middle.

20-1 = Episode 19 which is here!!!

Good Morning gamers today I just got done with Episode 19. Today we talk VR, video games that are tougher and cooler than Bloodborne, No Man Sky finally coming out, Dragon Warrior, some amazing soundtracks that we happen to hear in a video game I don’t think anyone would of played, some interesting stories, and the power of Craigslist.

Here you go guys enjoy: