Episode 22 is ready!

On today’s episode on Its all About the Hype we talk about Nintendo firing Alison Rapp, Attack on Titan coming out and how we’re wondering how the game will play, Overwatch vs Battleborn, TellTale becoming a publisher. In Indie Love we talk about Reclaim on itch.io and Big Action Mega Fight and we have some stories on True Story about some games we played.

Here’s the episode enjoy!!

Show Notes:

Episode 22 is 40% done…

Yes we did record but we actually recorded on Saturday so since we did it a day early I’ll try to get the episode to you guys and gals one day early. In the meantime I have quite a few videos to throw up.

The first is from the Efocutioner Chronicles. I actually did a long episode to make up for the long wait. This is my why I love Final Fantasy 13 series by trying to show the game from my point of view and talking about the story and mechanics that I love about 13. Give it a look and let me know what you think:

The next is from Indie Love episode 6. On this episode I talk about this lovely Indie Game I find on Steam called Big Action Mega Fight. Give the episode a watch and if you like what you see then support Double Stallion Games:

The last but not least is another episode of Thrift Shop Gamer from Gamer Complainer and Gamer Composer. If like the episode please let us know what you think:

New Episode of Indie Love

On today’s episode I found this lovely indie game called Moira and I have to say this is truly one game everyone should play because I think you’ll become hooked. I’m truly glad I donated to this project and I hope I help Onagro Studios get more donations with this video. Anyways enjoy the episode.

Here’s the game on itch.io: Moira

Here’s the kickstarter: Please support Moira!!!

Here’s the website: Moira the game

Here’s episode 21

On today’s episode we decided to put a guest on show but he’s no ordinary guest. He’s a fan of the podcast! That’s right we decided to put a fan on our show and his name is Tristan Probert. In It’s all about the hype we talk about Star Wars Battlefront 3 recreate made by a bunch of college kids being an amazing game, The rumor about the Playstation 4K and why to get a PSVR with it, Battlefront Underground, Pokemon and why you should play a fire type. Sound Test we talk about The Last of Us soundtrack and Kingdom Hearts amazing music it has throughout the series, and finally True Story we talk about what amazing thing we did while playing video games!

Anyways enjoy the episode!!!

Show Notes:


Stories from the gaming world…

So I just read a few things today from the Video Game world and I usually would wait until an episode to talk about it but this is just… screw it I wanna talk about it:

  • I just read from Polygon that the Final Fantasy 15 collector edition that they were selling on Square Enix’s website is sold out! I’m actually upset! I was going to buy this. Well at first I was going to buy a new PS4 Madcatz Fightstick but changed my mind and said I wanna do something crazy. Thus as soon as I get online I go to Polygon and the first thing I see is Square Enix is sold out!!!!!!! Now people are selling the collection on ebay for $580 to $900. Alas it wasn’t meant to be and I’ll just save my money for the arcade stick. You’ll find out why on episode 21.
  • Then I’m on Neogaf and what do I see but actual God of War 4 concept pictures. I really thought that this was a rumor but it’s starting to look like an actual God of War 4 might be in development.
  • Then Gamer Composer tells me that Nioh is launching this 2016 and that the demo is coming out this month. I have to say Gamer Composer has put me up on this game and It’s really selling the case of me getting my PS4 by May instead of September.
  • Might Number 9 was expected to release during the Spring of 2016 but so far no news about whether  Keiji Inafune game will be released. I hate to see this thing kinda happen. Especially since Gamer Composer and I played this at E3 last year and I missed out in supporting the game. I’m still excited to play but I just feel really sorry for those who supported the kickstarter and still haven’t received any news since January 25th 2016.
  • Oh and after watching this Uncharted 4 Gameplay Preview  and I’m feeling the Jeep and loving the fact that if you get out of the Car and explore the area and you’re talking to someone that the conversation stops and then continues when you get back, being able to mark certain opponents so that you can keep track of their movements is really impressive. Looks like there’s no limit to how many people you can mark.

Man with all this hype with Uncharted I think I’m going to play the series before getting Uncharted 4. Yes I know it maybe a little silly to be excited about a game you haven’t played but after watching the demo I kinda feel like Uncharted is a game I truly need to play. Plus I need something to do until Final Fantasy 15 and Nioh. If there’s any other game news or games in general that I’m excited about then I’ll let you guys know, but why not tell me what you’re excited to play this year. Just post a comment at the bottom, message us at Thechroniclesofgamerspodcast@gmail.com, or chat with us on the Facebook page.