E3 2016 Videos!!!

Yeah I just spent nearly two days video editing and gosh darn I’m about to post these videos about our E3 experiences. I hope you guys enjoy…

  1. First we have Gamer Complainers top 5 E3 Games:
  2. Next we have Efocutioner’s experience on the show floor:
  3. Then we have Efocutioner and Gamer Composer trying Final Fantasy 15:
  4. Then we have Efocutioner playing Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD:

I have more content coming so stay tune…

Trying out PlayStation VR

Here’s the link for trying out PlayStation VR in your location but if you want to read about our experience on trying it on June 24th 2016 then come on down…

So Gamer Composer and I (Efocutioner) decided to do a last minute travel to Best Buy last night and tryout the PlayStation VR booth setup in Best Buy. We were lucky to arrive 15 minutes before closing and was able to tryout the device.  We spoke to the PlayStation representative Neil Lund about how should we prepare for VR and what we the consumer should expect with the bundle.

Neil told us that there will be different bundles that come with the PlayStation VR depending on how much you want to pay will include The Headset, the box for the VR, the move controllers, and the PlayStation camera. Another bundle will just include the box for the VR, headset, and PlayStation camera. There could be other bundles that would include games with the VR equipment but the representative wasn’t too sure. You have to buy your own headphones for your the VR headset. I should of asked Neil if your current PlayStation headsets will work but I know that any headphones you buy outside of Sony headphones will do just fine.

Now let’s talk a bit about trying out the VR setup at Best Buy. There’s been some improvement on adjusting the headset to rest comfortably on your head. There’s a button on the bottom right which you can press to adjust to make sure head and face is comfortable, the eye calibration test, and depending on the game there’s a test for the move controllers, but I didn’t play a game requiring them so didn’t do the test. When you play you won’t feel any migraines or at least we didn’t when looking at the surroundings.

I say try the demo out for yourselves and let us know about your experience on using PlayStation VR. I’ll post the link for you guys and gals to find the nearest location with the VR kiosk

Here’s the link: Trying out PlayStation VR

Just finished recording E3 Experience

Just got done recording episode 26 where we talk about our experiences of E3 and now it’s in the lab being refined. I know you guys and gals want to hear about our second year at E3 but it’s going to have to wait. In the mean time why not watch Efocutioner try his luck in Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD. I won’t be able to upload that many videos since Efocutioner is still in L.A. but when he gets back he’ll be able to edit and upload. Anyways enjoy…

Episode 25 is ready!!!

Yes folks I know it’s that time where we speculate which games will be at E3. We also talk about It’s about the hype for a little while. We will also be attending E3 again this year so we’ll have more to talk about on next week show but enjoy episode 25!!!

Show Notes

It’s All About the Hype:

E3 Talks: