Here’s Episode 28 and 28.5

On today’s episode we talk about Evo 2016 and how the tournament was and what we think they could improve on for It’s All About the Hype, then in Indie Radar we talk about Little Bug on, Reclaim Earth, and Prey For the Gods, In Sound Test we have some new video game music you should listen to, and then we rap it up with True Story where we have some hilarious video game stories for you folks.

Here’s Episode 28:

It’s All About the Hype:

Indie Love:

On todays episode 28.5 we have interviews conducted at Evo 2016 with Estaban and Kevin at Team Ok Games on their new game Chambara, Emma at Dreamsail Games with their new game Blade Ballet, Bella and Jamie about their new game on Little Bug, Ben and Zhenghua from Serenity Forge about their new game Mystic Melee, and ending the interviews with Kenneth Bradley aka Evil Genesis KBrad on his experience at Evo 2016.

Here’s Episode 28.5:

Episode 28.5 Show Notes:

Once again sorry for the delay but I hope you enjoy the double episode!!!

Slight delay with Episode 28

So the editing of episode 28 is taking longer than originally planned due to real life problems. We will pushing the release date from Friday the 22nd to Sunday the 24th, but because of the delay we’ll have a episode 28.5 which contains all the interviews conducted at Evo 2016. So on the 24th or earlier if we can get it done sooner we will release two episodes.

Anyways thank you guys for your patience and your understanding. Love you guys!!

Our best Youtube Videos

With our YouTube channel hitting over 1000 views I figured we showcase our best Youtube videos on The Chronicles of Gamers. So here’s our top 3 videos:

If you love what you see please feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel and also checkout what other content we have on their as well. We have more videos coming down on the pipeline but it’s nice to how many of you all give our videos a chance. So thank you guys!!!


New Content for you guys

We have been busy after the trip to E3 and I am not proud to say we have a bunch of new videos for you guys to enjoy while waiting for Episode 28.

First, for those who want to listen to our podcast on something else either than Itunes and Soundcloud, well…. Tada!

Episodes 20 through 27 are up on Youtube!

Second, Efocutioner decided to do a review on Arkham Origins to find out why doesn’t Warner Bros want to include it in the Arkham Collection. Does he like the game or does he feel the same way most people about Arkham Origins being Booty Butt Cheeks. Let’s watch to find out…

Last but not least we have an interview with Lead Engineer Brian Balamut and Graphics Engineer Derek Cornish talking about the up and coming game ABZU coming out August 2nd on Playstation 4 and Steam.

Okay guys and gals I hope you enjoy the videos that we made for you. There’s still much work to be done… To the Lab….