A special surprise for Episode 31

So as you see from the counter on the home page we’ll be streaming Episode 31 Sunday on September 4th. Now I figured what can we do to improve and reward those who watch the stream and listen to the podcast, and we figured why not give something away.

So on September 4th we will be giving away a code for Blade Ballet on stream and we’ll be giving away another code for those who listen to the podcast on Souncloud /  itunes. To win the code on the stream I’ll ask three questions and the first person that I can answer the questions you get the code. Now to qualify you have to just rate our podcast on Itunes or stitcher and send a picture to us in the email, like us on the Facebook page, and follow us on twitter

So here’s the three questions:

  • In episode 26 what game was Gamer Complainer so excited about that she hits Gamer Composer in the nuts?
  • In episode 28 what soundtrack does Gamer Composer talks about?
  • In episode 30 when I talk about Shadow of Modor which Captain was I hunting and why was I hunting that Captain?

You can send your answer to thechroniclesofgamerspodcast@gmail.com and then on September 4th I’ll announce the winner on stream. Now don’t be sad if you don’t win the first time because for the soundcloud version of the episode you will have another chance to win.


Decided to Enter the Red Bull Proving Grounds

If you’re wondering why I haven’t been posting a lot of videos or topics in a while it’s mostly because I’ve been training for the Red Bull Proving Grounds this Sunday at Ignite Network in Chicago, Illinois. I’m not sure if my Ryu is ready but I want to see how I would do right now at my current level. street-fighter-5-tutorialI need to see how I’ll handle the pressure and see what areas I need to improve on in this Street Fighter 5. Here’s a picture of who’ll be in my pool:brackets

I really don’t want to go 0-2 so I’ll be playing online after I check some emails and eat. I’ll mostly be playing Street Fighter 5 and soul searching in King of Fighters 14. Here’s a link to the stream:

Here’s the twitch channel:

Come on to cheer me on or hell play me in a few matches so I can get ready for Sunday. I didn’t enter King of Fighters 14 due to the fact I haven’t found two other characters I want to play so I’ll be there playing casuals.

By the way shout out to James Jr aka N0thin89(follow him on twitter, just click on James Jr for the link) for the free tournament in King of Fighters 14 on Monday August 22nd. Where he threw a tournament where the winner would get a free copy of King of Fighters 14. It was a great way to promote the game and to get new players. The winner was Suiname in a great set against LaSombra.1929738_533693212385_9292_n

Here’s a link of the bracket if you want to see all who entered. Anyways wish me luck and come see me play some Street Fighter 5 on stream.

Are you ready for Episode 30!!

30 Episodes! I’m truly excited by the fact that we’ve done 30 episodes!! Well on today’s episode Gamer Complainer and I (Efocutioner) talk about in It’s All About the Hype, Street Fighter 5 new updates, Katsuhiro Harada not taking no b.s from the SJW alliance, EA laying down the hammer and a few other topics, Indie Radar we talk about Papo & Yo and Bit Bash, True Story we have some pretty terrible experiences with Shadow of Modor, and more of our wild and goofy uncensored behavior.

This recording was from our Live stream on August 21st so we may talk about the stream a bit and a few topics were taken out due to the fact we were talking to people on the stream. Anyways I hope you enjoy the episode!

Show Notes:

It’s All About the Hype:

Indie Radar:

True Story

Selfless Plugins:

Thanks for the love with Episode 30

It’s a beautiful Tuesday evening over here and I would like to thank all my fellow gamers for tuning in for our live episode on Sunday. We manage to have some laughs and we received a ton of game recommendations to play. For those who missed out don’t worry you can listen to the episode on Soundcloud on this Friday at 12 pm central time.

You can also look at the archive which I have up for those who don’t want to wait. Anyways thanks for the love everyone and of course Stay Litten!