Here’s a special episode today!!!

On today episode I have some topics for the thanksgiving table with some Dr.Strange info on just how powerful he is, which people lifted Thor’s hammer, Ghost in the Shell trailer looks nice but if you’re curious to learn more watch the 1995 movie, and some news on Marvel and DC shows. Anyways enjoy the show and of course Happy Turkey and family gathering Day!!!

So we will on Thanksgiving break but we’ll be making post on the website from time to time because of how wild the video game industry is. Yes I see you Watch Dogs 2 with nudity, but we will be back to work on December 1st. In the meantime enjoy COG Unleashed ep.2 and the topics you can share with everyone in your family since not everyone does play video games.

Show notes:

COG Unleashed The Way of the Weird Ep.1

On today’s episode Efocutioner talk about the new Doctor Strange movie,  then The Walking Dead from ep.1 to ep.3 and how season 7 is so far, and Ash Ketchum really receiving his first kiss in the Pokemon world?

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Anyways enjoy the episode and if you’re curious what sound tracks or sound bites I was using then look at the show notes at the bottom…

Show Notes:

Episode 35 is finished!!

On today episode Efocutioner talks about the new director for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, Uncharted movie will be cutting away from the source material, Kingdom Hearts 2.8 trailer, what video game tracks am I listening to, and True Story has a Kingdom Heart theme. Remember if you want to message us right to

Anyways enjoy the show!!!

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