Taking a break. Will be back March 12th!

So because our two host are at GDC 2017 this week gathering information and networking. I figured I could use this time to try and give people a better understanding of The Chronicles of Gamers. Don’t worry I’ll be making videos from now until we record and will have stream schedule for those who continued to ask me. I figured we could use this time to become stronger and return with better topics to educate you, inspire you, or provided some entertainment to.

Thank you for being patience with us and we’ll make it up to you by telling you amazing tales of GDC!

Games being released in March 2017

**Disclaimer: I am part of the Amazon Associates Program and will receive a small total in your earnings in form of a Amazon gift card. I use these gift cards to purchase games that I can do Dear Journal episodes for, Indie Love episodes, and be able to showcase in podcast episodes. I’m letting you know because we could use your support, so if you are going to purchase any of these games please use our links. You can just click on the light blue words. Now some of these links don’t are not of the Amazon Associates Program, some just go to where you can purchase said game. Thank you in advance and I hope this post helps you stat aware of what’s coming out each month.**

New Games Coming out in March 2017:

I will update if there are any new games coming out in March 2017 but until then enjoy…

The D.I.C.E Awards Rap-up

Are you curious who won between Efocutioner and Gamer Composer? Are you curious who won at D.I.C.E 2017? Do you want to see some light humor? Do you just like seeing Efocutioner and Gamer Composer faces and voice? Do you like The Chronicles of Gamers? Well as long as anyone of those answers are a yes then our rap-up video is just for you. I hope you enjoy.

Episode 40 is ready

On today’s episode we have a guest host on the show today. Her name is Lauren Xuan and we talk about some Death Stranding, Zelda getting a dlc, and valve replacing greenlight. On Indie Radar we talk about Kung Fury, Don’t Spill Your Coffee, and Quur and in True Story we have some stories on how losing can be funny. All that and more in Episode 40!

Enjoy everyone:

show notes: