Episode 42 is ready!!

One Link to rule them All Edition

On today episode in It’s All About the Hype we talk about the battle at who can repair your consoles, Jim Sterling challenging the Zelda fans by giving Breath of the Wild a 7/10, what type of gamer are you, Guess Who’s Got 10 Yo, D&D app, fixing joy-con desync issue, and the Nier series. In Indie Radar we talk about YIIK: Episode Prime, She Remembered Caterpillars, and The Dating Game Kickstarter. In Sound Test we talk about Medieval 2 OST & Yugioh Duel Links OST; and last but not least we have a few stories from a galaxy far far away in True Story. All that and more on this episode of The Chronicles of Gamers Episode 42.


it’s all about the hype:

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Sound Test:

True Story

Video Roundup!!

As you know we’re getting ready to record episode 42 this weekend and I know how much you all are looking forward to the next episode, but if you’re looking for some The Chronicles of Gamers content then look no further. We have some videos!

The Chronicles series is where Efocutioner shows off his boss fights gameplay and talks about his experience playing the game. On this week episode Efocutioner shows off Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix gameplay using Terra:

Vidme version:



The next video I have is where we just got done with episode 41 and we’re just talking about random things. We go from Power Rangers, to Pokemon, to The Legend of Korra. The transitions are weird but you might enjoy hearing us talk about other things besides games. Enjoy

Vidme version:


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If you have the app you can look us up but here’s the link as well:

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Episode 41 is ready!!

On today episode we in It’s All About the Hype we talk about GDC (Game Developers Conference) 2017, Nintendo eShop having no background music, and Shadow of War. In Indie Radar we talk about Bamboo Heart, GoNNer, We Are Chicago, and Equity Arcade. In Sound Test we talk about Xenoblade Chronicles X sound track and Lady of Beestmeel Bro sound track, and last but not least in True Story we have some tales for you. All that and more in this episode of The Chronicles of Gamers!!

Vid.me Link: https://vid.me/e/n5L1?stats=1

show notes: