Episode 43 is finally done!

It’s our Anniversary! “Kinda of” Edition

On today episode we celebrate our Anniversary of when Episode 1 was recorded and we do that by talking about some games!! In It’s All About the Hype we talk about Eurogamer not using review scores, the mysterious goomba in mario 64, Persona 5 and them preventing spoilers, games may reduce ADHD, Parappa the Rapper OST, and how itch.io became Indie Game haven. In Indie Radar we talk about some indie games to checkout like You’re In Space and Everyone Wants You Dead, Reavers of New Rome, Pool Party Panic, Mr.Weems and The She Vampires. Last but not least in True Story Efocutioner shares some Overwatch war stories, and Lord Brioche challenges Gamer Composer; or is it the other way around. Well only one way to find out…

It’s All About the Hype:

Indie Radar: