Episode 54 is ready…

Entitled Inspiration Edition

On today episode Efocutioner talks about PewDiePie and the rest of his coalition of ignorant people, 2K games really taking advantage of customers with it’s Pay to Play system in NBA 2K18 (sorry for Efocutioner saying EA instead of 2K in advance), Fortinite being inspired by Battlegrounds, Sonic 2 HD demo made by some loving fans, listening to some sweet vgm tracks, and some true stories. All that and more on this episode of The Chronicles of Gamers…


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Episode 53 is ready!!!

Malcolm’s Web Edition

On today episode we talk about how Bethesda Creation Club doing, Fighting games might be too violent for 2024 Paris Olympics, Mario is no longer a plumber, Destiny 2 shaders, Animal Farm becoming a game, who uses a trackball mouse, a little indie game Running with Scissors, some video games ost we enjoy, and why Lord Brioche and Efocutioner need to learn statistics in True Story. All that and a crap ton of goofyness on this episode of The Chronicles of Gamers…


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It’s time to start the show… It’s Ready!!

Snaog Darn It Edition

On today’s episode we talk about Hellblade doing well, explaining that Ninja Theory is an indie studio which eliminates the “AA” type games, Kotaku & Efocutioner throwing shade on Lost Legacy, Mercy becoming a Angel of Death in Overwatch, how to get an edge on buying an SNES, and some True Stories. If you want to get funky with us you know what you need to do… Hit that play button son!


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