Episode 61 is ready!!!

Fighting Games Are Not Casual Games Edition

On today episode Efocutioner talks in It’s All About the Hype about how Dragon Ball Fighters Z has become the gateway game for those looking to get into fighting games seriously, how fighting games can never be for causals due to the nature of fighters, and when you go to compete in tournaments what to do to get yourself comfortable enough to win matches. In Indie Radar Efocutioner talks about his experience playing Landflix Odyssey and 3:00 AM at The Krusty Krab and how he will be supporting Landflix Odyssey on Kickstarter. All that and more on this episode of The Chronicles of Gamers.

Indie Radar:

  • Landflix Odyssey
    • Description: Landflix Odyssey is a 2D Platformer that mixes many gameplay elements from various genres. Play as Larry, a lazy binge-watcher who ends up in a dimension that’s based upon his favorite Landflix (a video-on-demand parody) TV shows. Make him travel through many shows, gathering powers based on their lore while helping famous characters and ultimately face an evil genius trying to conquer the world. Help him gather blueprints for his scientist relative, Uncle Doc, to power up said skills.
  • 3:00 AM at The Krusty Krab
    • Description: Mr. Krabs decided to stay up late counting his money. But little did he know, that at three in the morning on Tuesdays, The Hash Slinging Slasher comes back to wreak his horrible vengeance. You must gather all your things and escape the Krusty Krab before he kills you with his rusty spatula hand.I’ve been working on Dracula’s Castle a little too much to the point where I feel like I’ve blown a fuse inside my brain. So I decided to take a break and work on one of my old abandoned projects, 3:00 AM at The Krusty Krab. It’s kind of a short game depending on if you know what to do and when to do your objectives at the right time. And no, this is nothing like Five Night at Freddy’s if that’s what you’re thinking. ;D

Dear Journal…

So after doing some editing and soul searching with the channel I finally got around to playing some Horizon Zero Dawn. I’m sure I am not that far but I just got done with the proving and I swear I didn’t feel like I could lose in becoming part of the tribe. Actually, to be honest, right now I don’t feel like I could lose too any machine thanks to the weapons I have collected. Hell, I managed to stealth kill not only a few machines but these weird guys in red. Also, stealth is very easy in this game which I am glad because I am not that good at stealth games.


Although after doing the proving it seems I am now able to explore more of the world in Horizon Zero Dawn maybe it will provide more of a scare or worry when I go into combat because I feel like if I have the high ground that no enemy can defeat me.be8.jpg

Although as I was exploring around and doing a few side missions I decided to do something really crazy and take on a group of Striders with two Watchers while sneaking around due to me buying this clothing that makes it harder for enemies to spot you. I was setting up traps with my trip wire and once I was done I was ready to body these machines. As soon as I fired my first arrow at a Strider weak point it then looks up at me and then I got this…error.PNG

I mean I should be mad but I just laugh because it was like the Strider was like “oh I see you messing with us and you think we’ll fall into your trap well take this…”

Niles Vanish magic card.jpg

Which in turn made me play this…

Wait a Minute magic card.jpg

Well, either way, it was pretty funny and I decided to take a break before I will hop back on anyways. Although because I forgot to save I will have to a certain side mission over again and that’s fine since I am enjoying the game but now it seems that Strider’s have the ability to shut down a PS4 when they feel like they are about to be put in a situation that will kill them. Damn you, you sneaky Strider I’ll get you back and the rest of you freaking machines.


Well, that’s it for me tonight journal I’m heading to bed…

Whispers in the Cartridge

So it’s a beautiful Saturday night and if you’re wondering what I am listening to this late playing some Dragon Ball Fighter Z and Tekken 7 well I’m listening some nice video game tracks:

I know most of it is Kingdom Hearts but man I am just excited to see the new trailer and I just can’t wait to play… Hopefully you enjoy my list and let me know what you’re listening to when you relax or before you sleep.

Dear Journal..

I’m still a little tired since I stayed up nearly all night just to watch the Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer from D23. Man was it amazing! I have watched the trailer at least 10 times today. I love how Sora kicking things off by calling Organization 13 Has-Beens… Bruh the cockiness of this Keyblade Weider. Although I wasn’t surprised to see Marluxia since in the story if you defeat a nobody and they’re heartless then they turn back to their original human self. I kinda forgot for a second that in Chain of Memories where you meet Marluxia Sora lost his memories that to Namine but I found it funny that Sora doesn’t recognize him but Marluxia remembers getting his ass kicked by Sora.


Although I am happy to see more of Toy Story, learn that there’s a Monster Hunter Inc world, and the Mike Wazowski joke, I truly happy to see more exploration of the world. Also I got to see how big certain boss battles will be like, learning that the Unversed are back, Sora looks like he has a “Wisdom” and “Valor” version like he has in Kingdom Hearts 2, how summoning looks, how different keyblades come with new types of limits, The “Monster yo-yo”, The Tea Cup Ride is a real attack, and the most important Vanitas is alive! Whaaat!!!

kh3 big looking boss battleskh3 wisdom form.

Kh3 great looking summon.PNG

Kh3 different keyblade have cool effects.PNG

Kh3 monster hunter inc yoyo.PNG

Kh3 tea cup ride.PNG

kh3 vantias is alive.PNG

I am so excited for this game that I am going to preorder it as soon as I get the release date and I might even go for the collector edition like I did with Kingdom Hearts 2.

I also got to enjoy Pop star Utada Hikaru new track called “Chikai” and I can’t decide if I like it sub or dub. All I know is this game is going to be great. Square Enix wouldn’t let this game be ass… Also if you watch the end you see Riku leaving his keyblade in the world of darkness for his “other me”. I wonder what that means. Does he have a heartless version of himself? All I know is I can’t wait for this game! Well time to begin the day journal.

P.S: I thought I hit send early this morning before taking a nap but I guess I didn’t. My bad…

Dear Journal…

Well, today has been a pretty relaxed day. I had some time off work to just play some games although the only games I played are Tekken 7 and Dragon Ball Fighters Z. What’s even worst is I didn’t spend my time playing online but sitting in the lab and coming up offensive options and what to do on defense.


Let me go over it a bit for those wondering why don’t I just hop online and play and figure it out from there. Well back when I was in my rookie years of fighters that’s exactly what I did. It got to the point where if I lost to someone I couldn’t figure out why and thought the character was cheap. It took me going to an offline event that made me realize that the point of playing online was to test things like doing attacks to see which are unsafe to use a lot and how to get people to stop pressing buttons when I’m trying to press buttons. Since my adventures in the Chicago Fighting Game Community (which I now have more time for and games to play so I’ll be back before March) I don’t just hop online unless I have a game plan. Hell, I don’t play people now till I have a game plan, so I dedicated all of today doing.

In Tekken 7 I’m playing Jin and I mostly spent my time just learning how to move around with it being second nature and figured out a nice game plan when opponents block certain moves I either get punish them for it, setup better pressure, or get out of dodge. I’m not sure if it’s full proof but it’s enough to see how well I’ll do against people instead of the A.I.


In Dragon Ball Fighters Z I finally figured out who I want to try out online and that’s my top 3 characters I want to play (Piccolo, SS Vegeta, SS Goku). I think Piccolo is pretty strong even though he doesn’t have a hard knock down or soft knock down combo outside of the corner. (Hard or Soft Knock Downs in short terms meaning being knocked to the grown and not being able to get back up until the game allows you instead of you pressing a button to recover) I think I got a good handle on Vegeta but I feel like there are some things I don’t get about his special moves in training mode at the moment but I think they’ll make sense when I play people to see how they react. For Goku, I think he might be my best character at the moment but I’ll wait to see how I feel after playing a 100 games with him, Vegeta, and Piccolo to know for sure.

dragon ball fighterz story trailer.jpg

Although today been kinda of crazy since Injustice 2 released the trailer for the Ninja Turtles. I swear every time I think I’m okay with only playing two characters they make another so appealing that I have to decide if I want to pick them up or hell just drop The Flash (who I main) and pick them instead.


I also got a chance to learn that EVO 2018 has announced it’s line up and people are like divided on the whole “it’s okay Marvel players your game is still special” to the “haha Marvel is dead serves you right”. I have some things to say about that but I want to really reflect on this because it’s surprising that The King of Fighters never got that type of love when it didn’t come back to EVO in 2017. Hell the one thing that shocked me is BlazBlue Cross Tag battle making it as a top 8 game and it isn’t out. The King of Fighters 14 is getting an update and new characters so…. Whatever.


Oh! The biggest news is I heard was that Red Dead Redemption got delayed until October 26th. Granted I haven’t played the first one this gives me enough time to at least try the game, but at the same time I already have Final Fantasy XV and Horizon Zero Dawn (which I’m reviewing by the way) so do I need to really play another open world game. I’m already getting tired of them already. Well, I guess that’s to be expected from Take-Two so…


Well, either way, it was a pretty excited day gaming wise although more of self-discovery while just playing than actually playing against people. I know tomorrow when I get back from work I’ll get some Horizon Zero Dawn on and in the morning before I work I’ll practice my combos in Tekken 7 and Dbfz (Dragon Ball Fighters Z). Until then I’m going to watch some Black Lightning and Super Girl before bed. Stay Litten…