“There’s a game for anyone, that you can share with someone”

As gamers, we all just want to find games that you can take our mind off the problems of life, to better ourselves, or just to relax. Every once in a while we come across that one game that inspires us or that’s so beautiful that we want to share with others.

The problem is due to Metacritic scores, sites that score in general, and quick reviews people tend to write off games before they even give them a chance and thus may have missed on a game that they could have enjoyed. There’s also the case of being in love with a franchise but publishers or developers make it hard to maintain that same enjoyment from your game. There’s also a problem for those who are looking for new games to play but don’t know where to look outside of the casual “AAA” space. Then there are people who are looking to find places to gather for those who want to share there love with games just like you.

Well The Chronicles of Gamers can help by:

  • Reviewing games by talking listing out what you’ll be doing in-game, instead of basing it on my personal experience.
  • Showcasing games like Indie Games, Fighters, RPGs, and games that may fly under the radar.
  • With our podcast called “The Chronicles of Gamers” where we bring topics and to table that others in the industry may not be discussed but is still important to discuss.
  • By attending events to showcase why you should attend and that there are others who are interested in games just as much as you.

We at The Chronicles of Gamers believe “There’s a game for anyone that you can share with someone.” If you believe that too then give us a view.


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