Episode 68 is ready

On today episode we have the gang back together and they go wild with all the leaks they found on what to look forward to on E3 2018! Playstation, Nintendo, Microsoft, Square Enix, Ubisoft, and EA. We have all the info but the question what do you think will be showcased at E3 2018. Well if you want to know what to expect then press that play button…

Episode 67 is ready

Duh Side Missions Should Be Fun Edition

On today episode Efocutioner and Gamer Composer talk about how God of War showcased the best way to do side missions and discuss how if you have an open world game they need to also have meaning fun side missions. Then Gamer Composer talks about the Stop Motion Game Jolt and what games you should play, and then they talk about Infinity Wars and the new Spider Man game.

All that and more on this episode of The Chronicles of Gamers

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Long Live Play ep.10 is ready…

On today episode Efocutioner talks about the new information on BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle upcoming Beta, Shadow of the Tomb Raider new trailer, Detroit Become Human going gold and demo. Then Efocutioner talks about Sega might bring Yakuza 3 – 5 to PS4, Sonic Maina release date, Jurassic World Evolution bring some serious voice acting to its game, Dark Souls Remaster new trailer / pre-order, PS4 5.53-01 update, the free games for May on PlayStation Plus, Fighting Ex Layer having a playable demo at a tournament in May, Fused Zamasu and Blue Vegito being in Dragon Ball Fighter Z. Then in the Speculation Station, Sega’s Yakuza team is working on a new IP but what could it be???

All that and more on this episode of Long Live Play…

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Speculation Station:

Episode 66 is ready

We need more black people in Esports Edition

On today episode Efocutioner interviews Howard Johnson III about his organization Button Mashers and why he feels why more black people need to be involved in the world of Esports. Heck, it’s mostly about how we feel about Esports in general and how to get yourself noticed if you’re trying to get sponsored.

All that and some jokes on the side on this episode of The Chronicles of Gamers…


Long Live Play Ep.9 is ready…

On today episode Efocutioner lets us know about how before Spider-Man release on PS4 there will be a comic that will lead into the game, how EA is trying hard to apologize for its mistakes and how we should give Anthem a chance. Then Efocutioner talks about the price of Shenmue 1 & 2 remaster and that we should be prepared for no time skipping. Then in the Sonic Mania patch if you downloaded it what to expect, Kingdom Hearts 3 new trailer, and how it’s okay to ignore the warranty restrictions on your consoles.

In Laying Hands Efocutioner talks about Falks being released for Street Fighter V, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle new characters & what to expect from the beta, and that Fused Zamasu is confirmed for Dragon Ball Fighter Z.

Finally, in the Speculation Station will Onimusha be coming out anytime soon, will we expect a Fist of the North Star coming to the US, and will Doom 2 be announced at E3 2018?

Want to know the answers and better press that play button…

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