Episode 58 is ready…

10,000 Needles of Salt Edition

On today episode I finally manage to track down Gamer Composer after months of searching and bring him on the show… We talk about everything that has been happening with Star Wars Battlefront 2 recently, Marvel Heroes shutting down, WeeGee returning Sonic Forces and Polygon attacking him for it, GameStop shutting down it’s game rental subscription (so sad), hacking in Tekken not going so well, some nice indie games like Songbringer in Indie Radar, and Efocutioner plays some Checkpoint. All that and more on this episode of The Chronicles of Gamers…


It’s All About the Hype:

Indie Radar:

Don’t forget to try Aground it’s a pretty decent game that easy to play on PC if you’re not a keyboard and mouse person…

Long, Live, Play Episode 2 is ready…

On today’s episode on our Playstation Podcast, we talk about Nier getting a trilogy started, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle coming in 2018, Moria being in Overwatch, Microsoft trying to have their games on PS4, TellTale laying off 25% of their staff, Final Fantasy XV new multiplayer feature, and the top downloaded games in the month of October.

Now it’s time to relax and enjoy some Playstation…


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Good Morning World Episode 57 is ready!

Games for Adults Edition

On today episode Efocutioner talks about Call of Duty World War 2 historical accurate loot boxes, the story behind Visceral studios shutting down, why publishers need to either go digital or increase the prices of games to stop all the B.S there doing, how the violence in a The Last of Us Part 2 & Detroit Become Human isn’t trying to create shock value to sell games, Oxenfree is pretty fun so far, & how doing Dragon Punches on enemies in Super Comboman is hiliarious… All that and more on this episode of The Chronicles of Gamers.


It’s All About the Hype:

Indie Radar:

Long, Live, Play has begun…

Welcome to the first episode of Long Live Play!!!!!

Trouble in Playstation Paradise

This is a Playstation Podcast and on today episode we talk about Paris Games Week. Efocutioner goes over what trailers he enjoys, the whole violent trailers being used to sell games idea, Medievil fans trying to bring back the series, and last but not least Sonic Forces 60-second demo not being released outside of Japan.

Efocutioner also goes over what games will be released in November and the Playstation Plus games for the month.

Now it’s time to relax and enjoy some Playstation…


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Meet our Guest for Episode 56…

Stories Never Die Edition

On today episode we have a guest… Ted Edwards aka the head honcho of Alien Genome. We learn about what made him start his journey into making education / exciting video game content and then we go into loot boxes, David Ballard being sexually harassed at naughty dog, EA shutting down Visceral Games, Ages of Empire delayed 2  days before original release, Chroma Squad, our long list of video games ost. Then finally we rap it up with talking about when we became true gamers in True Story. All that and more on this episode of The Chronicles of Gamers . Enjoy…

Alien Genome Channel


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