Episode 9 is here but wait that’s not all…

I know folks but I have been going through alot of changes mostly changes for the podcast but don’t worry I’m back and as focus as a laser!!! Anyways here’s episode 9 and I also have episodes 8 through 1 back up and they aren’t going anywhere. If you want to listen to older episodes then go right ahead. Just go to podcast episodes and listen to your heart content. I’ll be recording episode 10 by October 4th but keep a look out on the website for any changes.

I can’t escape darkness is out right now!!!

So for those of you wondering what to do tonight I say get on your dessktop computers, go to steam and play I Can’t Escape Darkness right now. This game is a follow up of I Can’t Escape but with 100 times more fear!!! In fact I’m issuing a challenge to play I Can’t Escape Darkness during 11pm at night, with the lights off, and volume up. Lets see if you can survive 10 minutes of playing under those conditions because I will be doing that myself.

Here’s the trailer:

Here’s the link to I Can’t Escape Darkness: http://store.steampowered.com/app/346090

Also if you would like to play the prequel then here you go: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/610205

Sorry for the delay

Good Afternoon folks!

I’m sorry for the long absent on the website but since school has started I’ve been trying to adjust my schedule and I’ve been working on acquiring some new content for the podcast and the youtube channel. Don’t worry though episode 9 is 50% done so I will let you know what day that will be dropping. I am also working on having a schedule for when future episode will be available for listening, when certain youtube episode will be available for watching,  when I’ll be streaming, and when we will have special guest on the podcast.

Please bare with us during this moment of creativity and in the meantime I would pay special attention to website in the next couple of days because I will be posting something special up for my long time listeners of the podcast.

Anyways thank you guys!!